Tanya (0_makebelieve_0) wrote,

sisters birthday

which means the month where we share the same age is once again over and she is a year senior for another 11 months.
went to a restaurant with the family which was awesome, mostly cause i got to drive (i got the plastic license on friday [in israel the first three months are a chaperon period where you arent allowed to drive if someone who had his license for over 3 years isnt sitting next to you]) there and back. after that me and marina went to her boyfriends and the guys joined us and it was so so cool and fun, although once again i was mostly the one who is laughing, and me and m had a laughing circle, where we would laugh because the other was laughing and most of the night had me in an amazing mood and then another 2 guys showed up and one took m's place and the ass intead of sitting next to me on the sofa decided to take a chair and sit there, even though there was place, since the sofa sits 4 people and we were just 2 on it. so from that point on the night was crap, luckily we only stayed for like half an hour after that since its sunday and everyone except me has work tomorrow.
the guys gave me a lift home and i was sitting in the back with m and when they stopped i wanted to kiss m on the cheeck, like we always do for hellos and goodbyes, but i stoped myself since i could actually kiss him on the mouth instead, which is a horrible idea with two of our friends in the car and he was talked to his gf on the mobile.
did i tell you i like him??? and the ass got a gf just when i started getting feelings for him, but no biggie - she is like 4 years olders and sooner or later they will break up and by that time two things can happen, both of which are good for me - or i could get over him or i will be able to go after him for real.
till then ill keep flirting and having fun with him, cause he really is cool, which is 180 from the opinion i had of him not 6 months ago!
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