Tanya (0_makebelieve_0) wrote,


And there is a reason for that! Thanks to Reg I remember now what it is - its the people that call close to midnight on the night before the early morning exam in the hopes of me helping them out. Even worse, its the people who actually expect me to do their whole job, because they have some sorry excuse! Well sorry, not so long ago I didnt know Hebrew well either, I got over it, you know how? I studied on my own!!! I failed and I did it again!

And I am not going to feel sorry for choosing the obviously easier question and leaving the harder one to her. If she tried it on her own, we could even both do the same easy question, but since I knew Ill end up doing most of the work I didnt want to have my exam being failed, since we have similar repies!

I am too nice!! GRRR
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