Tanya (0_makebelieve_0) wrote,

at the moment

Wearing: white summer pj's
Hair: down, messy
Make up: what left after my half work with the make up removal
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Thinking: maybe i like him more than i should
Talking to: no one
Hearing: Misha's cd
Loving: my life in general
Hating/Mad At: not feeling that strong, but heading there = the other girl
Feeling: happy and a bit tired
Waiting for: nothing really :D
Wanting: to talk to the other him, get the exams over with, get the basic training and course in the army over with
Missing: talking to the other him
Writing: this entery

had so much fun tonight and we didnt do anything really!
laughed so much and so hard, for nothing really!
i think i might like one of my friends like i shouldnt, even more now since he got a gf (or maybe he is just dating her) although i kinda knew i was getting closer and closer to him for a while now
me and my sister did a gum spitting contest - who would spit it further - cant say who won, i was out of breath from laughing even since the second my sister suggested it.
i might be a tiny bit drunk, but i am pretty sure i am not, since the laughing started before i took the beers, and i just drank some of each.
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