Tanya (0_makebelieve_0) wrote,

i am bored out of my mind and

i have some wierd energies, but no one to take it out on/with. no one online and 90% of my friends have to wake up early tomorrow. i even txted m (yeah i know!!!) but he didnt txt me back, maybe he decided to go to bed early, although i know he is the 10% of my friends that dont have to wake up early tomorrow!
I txting people abroad i am that bored! but they arent replying either!
and I know that going to sleep right now will be a rerun of last night, when i woke up at 4:30 am (!!!) and spend almost an hour on line cause i couldnt sleep!
oh the guy from abroad txted back, lol - told me he is having an awesome time - thank alot tease!
oh and gary got online, so hopefully ill have someone to talk to for a bit.
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