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Good morning bad evening

I had such a cool morning and day, spent most of my day with my best friend in the library and shopping, which we didnt do in sooo long and dont know when we will be able to do that again.

But now the evening sux! I was supposed to go out for a coffee place with friends and they decided they are not in the mood or cant make it, so I said in that case it will be me, my best friend and maybe her on/off boyfriend, but she misunderstood the last part and went to the coffee place alone!
Then I was supposed to go to a friends goodbye party, she is moving to another city with her family, so I talked to my sister and dressed up, makeup - the whole deal and started waiting (she told me to be ready around midnight, but since there are another couple involved in going with us, a couple who takes the fashionably late to a new stage - over an hour late... I wasnt really ready till half past 12) then I called my sister and guess what?!
yep - Its not going to happen!!!

Atleast its my moms birthday today and the celebration of her new marriage (today, as in - the day that just started) so I will get some sleep and go to that
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