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Stole this from angelpiphi who stole it from mandy_jg

a) Pick up the book that is closest to you.
b) Turn to page 123.
c) Go to the third sentence.
d) Post it in your LiveJournal.
e) Don't choose the book, just get the one that's closest.

"Romeo: If I may trust the flattering truth of sleep,
My dreams presage some joyful news at hand,
My bosom's Lord sits lightly in his throne:
And all this day an unaccustom'd spirit,
Lifts me avobe the ground with cheerful thoughts."

ROMEO AND JULIET by Shakespeare

Thats the closest English book I had (yes! for real!)

"הוא כתב פיסת תוכנה שתכניס למנגנון ההגרלה, בנקודת זמן המסוימת, רנדום-סיד מזויף - הרנדום סיד המסוים שמרדכי גילה שדרוש לזגייה באותה נקודת זמן"

MOVING by Assaf Gavron
From the closest Hebrew book.

And once again I am going to have a LONG LONG night of studying, since I spent most of the day walking around with the notebook but without doing any actually studying...

I just spent more than half an hour crying over going to the army, its so scary! People always say that the first one doing something isnt as scared as the second one and this time they are right! My best friend went to the army without knowing what will happen and everything was okay for her and I am going a year later, probably the same job as her and after hearing her stories and others I am freaked out of my mind!!! From the looks of it, I am going to end up in jail within the first month.
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